It’s All About Your Style


We’ve been writing a blog series for about a year now – each blog title starts with It’s All About…and then states what we’re talking about. We’ve written about kitchens, dining rooms, living rooms, bathrooms, bedrooms, stairs, exteriors, fixtures, lights, wood, paint, wallpaper, tile, and the attic. We hope you’ve enjoyed the series and that it has inspired you for your own home.

But to end this series, we want to talk about your style. Because even though we love colorful kitchens, rainbow stairs, wild wallpaper, and all things out-of-the-box and extra-ordinary. We also love our clients, you, the people the we get to work with, and we want your home to reflect your style.

“We may be known for our unique ostrich logo, our one-of-a-kind designs or our handful of airbnbs. But before all that, we want to be known for helping our clients thrive in the home, community and work that God has placed them in.”

Chris & Claude

Give Me All the Colors

Our favorite designs often have us reaching for a colorful pallet. Whether it’s painting your cabinets, choosing a bright tile or picking an out-of-the-box wallpaper, we will always enjoy helping you design something creative and colorful.

For the Minimalist

Although we love a colorful design, we also understand the desire to have a minimalist space. The wood tones and clean lines with delicate details will always remain a classic look. The simple look can easily be made into a cozy home.

The European Look

The cozy French cottage feel has remained a favorite design of our team. You can make it your own with a little wallpaper or a colorful couch. But perhaps you like a different European look – we’d love to help your design come to life.


There’s something unique in capturing an era, a moment in time and a style that seems to freeze a decade in our modern day. And of course, we know that the style of each decade will always come back in style sometime in the future, so why not add a pop of the 50s or 70s to your home?

Keeping it Vintage

It became a classic for a reason right? It’s easy to add simple vintage elements to your home through an old telephone, a lamp or your grandma’s couch. But when you can design your house with exposed wood beams, a barn door and white walls, it gives you the perfect canvas for your vintage style.

A More Modern Look

We love the classics, but the modern look also has its place. Clean lines, white space, and marble tile can’t go out of style right? After all, the modern-style is currently in-style for a reason.

All Things Outdoors

We never want to neglect your outdoor space. We understand the importance of having a space outside that your children can play in, or having an outdoor space that you can host guests at. Whether you have a large yard, a pool, a fire-pit or a small patio, we’re passionate about helping you design a space that you love.

We understand that your style is unique to you, it doesn’t have to be narrowed down to a title with a description. Maybe you’re a minimalist that likes a pop of color. Or perhaps you like all things white, but chose 70s decor. Or you may even chose to have every room in your house a different style. Whatever it is, we’re here to help you design a space that you can thrive.

If you’re looking for more inspiration. Check out our gallery.

We’d love to work with you! Whatever your style may be, and even if you don’t know what your style is, we want to help you design a space to thrive. Learn more about how we can help you here.


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