It’s All About the Light


We love natural light and whenever possible we design spaces with large windows to let the natural light in. But the sun isn’t always enough light – especially at night. So we carefully pick and chose light fixtures that will give you enough light but also be a design piece in each room. It’s often a small design choice that makes a big difference in any room.

Broad Street

For the Broad Street Project we installed small lights in the kitchen above the open shelves. In the dining room we installed a light fixture with three round spheres around the light. We also wanted to keep the kitchen and dining room cohesive so we installed a similar light with one sphere above the sink in the kitchen. But perhaps one of our favorite light fixtures in this project was the small gold lights on the side of the mirror in the bathroom.

Louise Avenue

We loved the farmhouse style black and white stink so we wanted to pick a light fixtures to match. We found the perfect fixture to complete the half bath. In one bedroom we hung a simple gold light from the ceiling. In the kitchen we installed a more intrinsic gold light with the bulbs on top and bottom was perfect for the kitchen. We of course also had to give a small shoutout to the banana light in the corner.

New Dorwart Street

In the New Dorwart Street we hung many different unique lights in each room. In the bathroom we installed a swinging gold light with a small arm. In the dining room we wanted to compliment the gorgeous exposed ceiling beams, so we hung a symmetrical gold light. But the truly unique and favorite lights we installed were the colored lights. We installed a hanging blue light fixture in one bedroom. In the hall we installed two different round light fixtures – one blue and one pink.

Walnut Street

For the Walnut Street project we installed modern lights on the ceiling. One horizontal to the sink and one horizontal with the open. We loved the modern kitchen with all the matching black fixtures and when we finished it with these lights it was absolutely perfect.

Prince Street

For the Prince Street bathroom we installed delicate gold lights. Next to the mirror we installed a light that looks like a flower from the front. Hanging from the ceiling hung three small lights. The delicate lights are small but not unnoticed.

In the dining room we hung a light from the middle of the room that complimented our bold choice of orange walls and ceilings. The light completed the entire look.

Similar to the bathroom we house simple gold light fixtures in the kitchen that weren’t bold but still make a statement. Just above the shelves we installed round gold fixtures with a black middle.

The Patrick Project

Throughout the Patrick Project we installed unique gold fixtures with interesting design elements. In one bathroom we installed a gold light fixture next to the mirrors that resembled candle sticks. This just completed the delicate look of the bathroom. In one bedroom we hung a light with a glass bottom cover over the bulb. Perhaps our favorite light in this house was in the dining room with the gold light. It’s unique with its many different lines, but it’s not too loud in the space. Our the kitchen counters we hung two lights. The woven basket look complimented the country feel of the kitchen.

Cafe One Eight

Some of our favorite projects are commercial projects. We love hearing the vision of a business and helping them design and create a space that reflects their team mission. The Cafe One Eight project is no exception. We installed black hanging lights throughout the entire cafe. We also installed black lights that highlighted the Cafe One Eight paint on the wall.

Columbia Avenue

For the Columbia Ave project we used a plethora of different light fixtures. A mix of gold metals with two small bulbs, a long pendent light with a round sphere, a light that resembles a basket, small light bulbs on the wall and hanging lights with large round bulbs over the counter. Each light fixture added another unique element to each room.

The Railroad Masters House

The Railroad Masters house used to be an old train station, we loved adding a mix of the station heritage throughout the project – including the light fixtures. Throughout most of the house we used black fixtures, but we also added a slightly different look in one of the bedrooms with a light wood chandelier.

Our “Ode to the 70’s” Airbnb

Sometimes you have to just have to use something simple and that’s what we did at our Airbnb. We wanted the counter to have plenty of light, so we installed long hanging pendents complete with Edison bulbs.

The Feakins Project

Delicate looks, that’s one of the words that comes to our mind when we look over the light fixtures we chose for the Feakins Project. The light colored basket look in the dining room, the unique hanging fixture complimented the exposed wood beams. And of course we wanted to hang a gorgeous chandelier to aid the lights installed in the ceiling.

Whether your choosing a small light fixture attached to a wall to add additional light next to a bed or in the kitchen, or you’re choosing a large chandelier to complete the look of a living room with large windows and a high ceiling – we are here to help you chose the light that will compliment your space.

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