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the railroad master’s home

This home is a creative space designed for beauty seekers, families, workshops, creatives and friends! Boasting a brand new renovation, this space has 4 private bedrooms, 3 full bathrooms, a large, fully stocked kitchen, gorgeous raw wood dining room & a leather couched area for living it up.

This 1800’s Railroad House is chock full of fun & unexpected pops. It’s the perfect balance of whimsical and raw with old and new architecture. Created by creatives, for creatives.

industrial inspired attic

We highly recommend this eclectic & inspirational house to writers, artists and musicians. It is located along busy Rt. 322 in the unique, little town of Honey Brook.

This darling studio-sized loft apartment was custom designed by my husband and I, with much help from dear family and friends. And guess what- it has even been the location of an Urban Outfitters Photoshoot. This Loft includes a living room, kitchen, dining room, bedroom & bathroom. We’re proud of this authentic & enchanting, industrial styled space. We’ve decorated it with natural & organic elements, including textured, raw wall which gives one the feeling of being tucked away in a fairy tale.

ode to the 70's house

This newly renovated 3 bedroom, 1 bath home is furnished with some of our favorite vintage & modern pieces – in honor of the past & in the joy of creating spaces that inspire creativity & life. Its unique character might remind you of your grandma’s house, but will most definitely invite you to relax, inspire you to explore and keep you wondering what’s around the corner. Keep your eye out, cuz there are some pretty great gems you won’t want to miss.

This one is near and dear to our hearts. So sit back on that yellow floral couch and enjoy your family and friends.

rico the camper van

This fun, straight-outta-the-1970’s camper van is in beautiful-retro condition. It’s set up with 2 bench seats & a table that turn into a double bed. There’s a top bunk that also houses a double bed. Rico is the perfect rig to explore Lancaster County in & enjoy a beautiful campsite! 

Don’t worry, we wouldn’t expect you to brave it without first trying it ourselves. We took Rico on a 20+ hour road trip with three adults and three kiddos. So many fun memories made and the van is just itching to go on more adventures.

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