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We offer design and renovation for personal projects or for full house flips. Each project is considered on a case-by-case basis. Fill out the basic details of your project or scroll down to be inspired by our favorite creative transformations. Can’t wait meet you!

broad street house

This home really wasn’t very special. I remember the first day we walked through the house. There were brightly painted walls and loose newspaper and far too many walls for our liking. But that first walk-through gave us the inspiration we needed to begin dreaming.

Over the next few weeks Becca and I curated a mood board and sourced some materials and made the risky decision to go French Cottage on this little city home. Because of the low ceilings, we decided to steer away from the modern vibe into more of a cozy, cottage feel. We think it turned out lovely.

louise ave house

Louise Avenue was one of those houses that looked like a foolish endeavor… until we walked through and I started dreaming up ALL the ideas. Even when the neighbor wanted to buy it before reno, Chris and I were like, “We’re not letting go of this house at all.”

After our first walk through- and my scavenging for retro clothing left behind by the previous owner- we decided to go for a modern, 50’s look with clean lines and lots of pink. Gotta say, this home is my favorite renovation of all time.

cafe one eight

Because our company office is small(ish) and located in Honey Brook, our team spends tens of hours working in coffee shop spaces. Cafe One Eight has ranked as favorite from the beginning, really. Not only did we create a space that appealed to passerby, but it attracts locals on a daily basis. And we love the fact that a space that we hoped would inspire individuals, is now a place that inspires our team to create and do beautiful things.

new dorwart house

This retro renovation is truly a remarkable transformation and one that we hope will speak to the future humans who live their lives here. Cheers to you- whoever you are. 

And here’s to Lancaster- a community we treasure from the bottom of our hearts. We gift you with- a retro inspired home in a quaint neighborhood for those who love living out their big dreams in small spaces.

walnut street

We were smitten, really- we were. There were hardwood floors and brick walls and so much hidden potential. And who wouldn’t love a house on a street named “Walnut?” However, if there’s one thing we’ve learned-

“Just loving a house won’t make it automatically amazing.”

This place took loads of dreaming, of sourcing, of working together and of wracking our brains to fix the problems that always arise when renovating old spaces. But we have a first rate team. So, bravo to them for dreaming with us and  bringing some pretty creative elements to life.

columbia ave house

Sometimes classic is the only lasting style.

Sometimes white is still the best choice.

Sometimes the simplest is the prettiest.

Sometimes you have to make a house like Columbia Avenue, and lay aside all the colored cabinets and wallpaper and live edge in an effort to find what the human heart really wants in a home- a safe and simple space.

towne drive house

There have been times when we’ve considered trying some plain old consistency. We’ve thought about setting up a system and buying up row homes and renovating them with practicality and efficiency. Really though? Everytime we start thinking that, we come across a property- like this one on Towne Drive- and we realize how much we DON’T want to be boring.

And so we tackled this house- the biggest house we’ve ever done, in the newest location we’ve ever tried and during the busiest season of our lives. True fact: in the midst of slapping up white paint and picking out staging items and building a deck and buying some crazy floral wall murals- I had a baby.

the railroad master's house

This home was a creative space designed for beauty seekers, creatives, families, travelers or an entrepreneur’s workshop. It was created with fun, whimsical pops as well as raw architectural elements. And we loved every minute of dreaming up the space and bringing it to life. Along with Greater Purpose, my dad’s company, we restored the home and put it up for rent on

Built in the 1800’s, this home used to be owned by the local railroad master. Hence, our decision to take the history and the character of this home and restore it with a railroad theme in mind.

honey brook house

 What we love about working in old homes is the character that we find in them. Sometimes it’s what we think we’ll find, other times it’s completely unexpected and we take a risk in keeping it raw and original.