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Towne Drive

The Story

There have been times when we’ve considered trying some plain old consistency. We’ve thought about setting up a system and buying up row homes and renovating them with practicality and efficiency. Really though? Every time we start thinking that, we come across a property- like this one on Towne Drive- and we realize how much we DON’T want to be boring.


back to the basics...

And so we tackled this house- the biggest house we’ve ever done, in the newest location we’ve ever tried and during the busiest season of our lives. True fact: in the midst of slapping up white paint and picking out staging items and building a deck and buying some crazy floral wall murals- I had a baby.

So that’s why the process of this renovation was crazy. And that’s also why we’ve definitively decided to never go for mediocre.

The inspiration for this home was kinda built from scratch. Because it’s a relatively new house, we didn’t have a lot of character or history to work with. And in many ways it was harder to have so many options for us to choose from.

Tennis anyone?

The best way to get your kids to read books, is to place them where they can't miss them... or trip over them.

Trying something new

We didn’t recreate the phenomenal green cabinets of the Walnut Street House, nor did we go for moody European like the Broad Street House. But that’s what makes Towne so unique- it was our company doing what we do best- trying something new.



Renovated by The Chris & Claude Co.