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The Story

Oliver & Nadina Feakins are a lovely couple that we were gifted a friendship with through the process of helping them design their forever home. So we got to work designing & renovating & bless their hearts, they spent quite a long season living upstairs while the downstairs was being renovated – which is never ever a fairy tale haha.

As is always the goal, we want a home to reflect the homeowners – them as individuals & them as a couple & who they truly are. Ollie & Nadina are genuine souls who host big gatherings & will probably always have someone living with them as they make the world a better place.


the Kitchen

I love how everything turned out – but I really love the Feakins grand kitchen – you walk in this home & immediately can tell you are going to be treated like royalty.

Home is where the family is.

back to the basics...

We wanted a welcoming & soft space that would make everyone feel at home, while bringing out Nadina’s cultural flair & love of color, wood & design. We pulled in lots of whites, wood & colorful accents throughout. 

Becca worked so diligently & beautifully on this project as she walked alongside Nadina during the design process. The process of finding a clients design style is not an overnight ordeal & takes much time & love & working with the client. Again, overall, the home should be a reflection of the client & what they want & love & how they want to live. 

Hide and seek, anyone?

We so appreciated being able to bring their home to life & have it be a space that reflected them as a couple…

Ollie & Nadina stayed healthily & heavily involved in this project as we designed & renovated,, as should be the case for devoted homeowners. 🙂



Renovated by The Chris & Claude Co.