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My husband is Chris. We live in Honey Brook, Pennsylvania, just a hop and a skip away from Lancaster City and West Chester. We are the parents of four little boys – Canon, Creed, Cruz, and Zion. The passion behind all we do is living out the Gospel of Jesus Christ. If you hang out with us, you’ll catch onto that pretty quickly. After we got married, Chris and I had this dream to be creative space makers and effective world changers. You know where we started? In our very own home. Specifically, the attic of an 1800’s house in the little town of Honey Brook. As we made a home together we realized two things- we loved creative homes and we loved helping other people find and create their homes. Hence, our company was born in the summer of 2015.

in 2015

You know that first renovation we did in our own itty, bitty attic? Urban Outfitters came and did a photoshoot there, (which just about knocked our socks off.) Chris and I quit our jobs and became fulltime business owners. Fall of that year, we started a farmhouse renovation with exposed walls, hardwood floors and old wooden beams. Those first months were crazy. We knew we didn’t want to be another average real estate company, or create more cookie-cutter homes. But we learned that to be original, it takes work.


-Chris, like a true entrepreneur

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what started out as the chris and claude company has become the chris and claude community

When we started this company way back when, it was just the The Chris and Claude Co. emphasis on “Chris and Claude.” But as time went on it quickly grew into more than just us. We added new members to the team and loved how a group of people could bring our vision to life in a way we could not have done by ourselves. Each member of The Chris and Claude Co. Community add their own unique way of carrying our heartbeat into the lives of our clients. They each have a love for the meaning of home and cannot wait to help you design or find your creative space that looks a little bit like heaven on earth.

Chris Beiler

Owner, Real Estate & Design

Claudia Beiler

Owner & Design Lead

Becca Stolzfus

Lead Designer & Project Coordinator

Lance Fisher

Real Estate

Zach Esh




in 2018

In 2018 the team branched out from the average Lancaster city row home. First we branched out to West Chester. Then we got ourselves a little retro home right outside the city. Both houses posed new challenges for our team- but those spaces were totally worth it. Entering 2022 with four kiddos, a thriving team, and a greater view of redemption than ever before.

Home matters.

If you are ready for that renovation that you’ve been pining, saving, filing photos for, and dreaming about – we are too.

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