I’m Claude,

My husband is Chris. We live in Honey Brook, Pennsylvania, just a hop and a skip away from Lancaster city. We are the parents of three crazy kiddos, whose names all happen to start with C. Canon, Creed and Cruz are our three trouble makers/blessings and we wouldn’t trade ’em for the world. The passion behind all we do is living out the Gospel of Jesus Christ. If you hang out with us, you’ll catch onto that pretty quickly. After we got married, Chris and I had this dream to be creative space makers and effective world changers. You know where we started? In our very own home. Specifically, the attic of an 1800’s house in the little town of Honey Brook. As we made a home together we realized two things- we loved creative homes and we loved working together. Hence, our company was born in the summer of 2015.

in 2015

You know that first renovation we did in our own itty, bitty attic? Urban Outfitters came and did a photoshoot there, (which just about knocked our socks off.) Chris and I quit our jobs and became fulltime business owners. Fall of that year, we started a farmhouse renovation with exposed walls, hardwood floors and old wooden beams. Those first months were crazy. We knew we didn’t want to be another average real estate company, or create more cookie-cutter homes. But we learned that to be original, it takes work.


-Chris, like a true entrepreneur


-some real motivation

in 2016

Our business pulled itself up by its bootstraps and pushed through 365 days of dreaming and working and growing and learning. We renovated Cafe One Eight in the winter, declined an offer from HGTV and in between that exposed lots of lath, brick, and concrete block. Summer of that year we became employers, which of course made us feel much more legit. In August I started blogging- thanks to peer pressure. As the year wound down, we renovated our home office and welcomed the newest (and youngest) member to our team: Baby Creed Telemacus. His role on the team is currently still pending.

in 2017

In January we finished up our favorite house so far and sold it off to our pal, Maddie Broderick. That Spring we worked with CharCo. to develop and clarify our brand.  And that’s when we added an Ostrich to our logo (we can tell you about that later.) That summer we did more projects and home staging; always going for the lived in, loved on look. Chris joined the team at Kingsway Realty to officially sell houses. And I took on an intern for a few months. We tried some new things like forest green kitchen cabinets, plants in the shower, white chalkboard paint and a scattered tile floor.  Fall rolled around and we finished a lovely little home on Walnut Street, with the help of our newest guys, Jer, Dylan and Jaron. Then Instagram hit 8k and we sat back and were amazed- cause you guys are literally awesome.


-just me, giving ya’ll some advice



in 2018

In 2018 the team branched out from the average Lancaster city row home. First we branched out to West Chester. Then we got ourselves a little retro home right outside the city. Both houses posed new challenges for our team- but those spaces were totally worth it. The Fall rolled around and Chris and I found ourselves dreaming really big dreams for a coffee shop in Honey Brook. Grants were applied for and sketches made. But we can’t really tell you the rest of that story, cause we don’t know it yet either. 😉 Entering 2019 with three kiddos, a thriving team, two homes under renovation and a greater view of redemption than ever before.

in 2019

And here we are. Who can say what this next year will be bring? Maybe you’ll buy your very own house. Maybe you’ll renovate the one you own. Maybe you’ll come to an open house and we’ll meet for the very first time. Or maybe you’re an old friend that has watched this little business from the beginning. Whoever you are, we hope that this year you’ll do something unexpected, and when you do, we’ll be here cheering you on.



Becca’s passion is designing creative and functional spaces. She designs, curates ideas, sources materials, helps with real estate and accomplishes a million other things that would otherwise be missed. Basically, she rocks.


Bri works behind the scenes to enable the rest of The Chris & Claude Co to shine. She is head of marketing, website design, copy writing and the blog. And just in case you were wondering, she thrives on ice cream, creative challenges and serving Jesus Christ.


Jer joined the team with a willingness to learn and try anything, from tile to drywall to whitewash. So he fits right in. He is dedicated to bringing all our creative ideas to life which I daresay are not always easy. But he kills it- go Jer!


Dylan’s our all around “jack of all trades.” He can tackle any reno project that needs to be completed- and do it with excellence and efficiency.


Lance is our newest employee and a fine addition if I may say so. He works with our creative reno team as project manager and helps Chris out with all things real estate. Lance is married and has the cutest little kiddo (next to our 3 musketeers, er, boys.) We love to see Lance’s skills and gifts as he works alongside our team. In short, we’re blessed to have him.


We’re truly blessed to have Chris’ younger brother, Jer on the team. He has many years of construction experience under his belt, as well as a pretty adventurous outlook on life. Jer truly completes our team, in between his crazy travels around the globe, that is.


Mackenzie joined our team in February 2019- thanks to her persistence and impeccable timing as we discovered our need for a marketing assistant. Mackenzie works with Bri on all the “behind the scenes” aspects of the company and we’re v v grateful for her willingness, artistic giftings and desire to learn. When not plugging away at the mountain of to do lists, she’s probably working at Cafe One Eight.

4811 Horseshoe Pike, Honey Brook

Cell# 717-201-0838

Broker’s # (888) 454-6499

Realtor # RS330805

1770 Oregon Pike Lancaster, PA 17601

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