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The Horst Home

The Story

The Horst’s originally wanted to make a few changes to their current home. They planned to move away from Honey Brook in a few years when they found their future forever home. Unbeknownst to them their small ideas would grow into significant changes. And by the end, they realized they didn’t need to find a future “forever home” because they already had one.

Horst Home

The Process

We started by designing a one story addition and garage. While drafting plans with our architect we realized that we could put a second floor on the reverse gable if we added some dormers. We also realized that by adding a living room to the addition, the existing living room could become the first floor bedroom. And if we were to put a basement under the new addition we could add a TV room and bedroom. This would give them a 4 bedroom/2.5 bathroom house which appeals to a lot of buyers. At this point though, the Horsts were reconsidering whether they would ever want to sell this property at all.


We Love The Black and White contrasting exterior

Trust the Process

Most of our renovations don’t change so much from start to finish. But the flexibility and patience of the Horst’s made these transitions far more exciting than stressful. We are proud of the fact that a family once holding out for a future “forever” home found it right under their nose. And we are blessed to have been a part of that process.

All the Heart eyes

The Landscape and accents take this front porch to a whole new level

The neutral walls are a perfect canvas for leather, wood and an abundance of greenery



Renovated by The Chris & Claude Co.