step by step

The Design Process

Step One

Contact Us

Reach out and tell us about your project!

  1. Give us the scope of your project
  2. Provide the project address
  3. Send photos of your space and inspiration
  4. Tell us what your budget is

  1. Review your project submission
  2. Tour your space
  3. Collect measurements and photoset
  4. Create and send proposal


Step two

Accept the Proposal

Negotiate and agree on a proposal that works for all of us.

  1. Review our proposal
  2. Send feedback
  3. Accept proposal, become our client
  4. Send downpayment for design

  1. Make adjustments to proposal based on feedback
  2. Welcome you as our client


Step three

Create the Design

Let the fun begin! Now we dive into the three phases of our design process.

Click on each phase below for more details.


Phase one / Weeks 1-2

Our design and build process begins with developing a moodboard – a curated collection of photos, colors, and words that capture your own unique style, used to guide the project.

Simultaneously, a space plan is created. These two components are the foundation of your design.



1) attend meetings with design team

2) supply project inspiration photos

3) give feedback on draft versions

4) sign off on finalized docs



1) facilitate design meetings

2) create draft moodboard

3) create draft spaceplan

4) make adjustments and finalize docs

Phase Two / Weeks 3-4

Inspiration is gathered and reviewed for the concepts that will make up your design, and a preliminary budget is created. Additionally, if the scale of the project calls for it, engineered plans and permits will be obtained.



1) attend meetings with design team

2) give feedback on concepts inspo

3) review budget

4) provide payment for engineering and permits

5) sign off on engineered plans



1) facilitate design meetings

2) present concept inspo

3) create preliminary budget

4) supply engineer with necessary data

5) submit permit applications

Phase three / Weeks 5-6

Now is when all of the nitty gritty design decisions are made and details worked out – light fixture choices, tile selections, beam style, etc.



1) attend design meetings

2) feedback on concepts and sources

3) make material selections

4) make concept selections



1) facilitate design meetings

2) collect material sources

3) create concept and source boards

4) make adjustments and finalize docs

Phase four / Weeks 7-8

At last, final selections are compiled into an order list, which you approve, and all concepts get converted into building plans in preparation for construction. At this stage we also visit showrooms and vendors together to finalize decisions, as well as get samples approved. You sign off on everything and your designs are complete!



1) join us at showrooms and vendors

2) sign off on order list

3) sign off on building plans



1) join you at showrooms and vendors

2) compile order list

3) convert concepts into building plans

Step Four

Designs Become Reality

At this point the design package is complete and ready to be built. Material orders are placed, a build schedule is established, and construction begins.

  1. Accept and sign build proposal
  2. Approve build schedule
  3. Provide downpayment for build
  4. Notify us of unsatisfactory elements as construction progresses
  5. Provide progress payments

  1. Create build proposal
  2. Schedule subcontractors
  3. Order materials
  4. Receive and inspect materials
  5. Manage and oversee build
  6. Resolve issues along the way



Project Completed

The project is complete and a final walkthrough is taken to ensure everything is satisfactory!

  1. Attend a final walkthrough
  2. Provide final payment
  3. Enjoy your new space

  1. Do a final walkthrough with you
  2. Perform photoshoot
  3. Provide project packet
  4. Celebrate with you!

Ready to design your dream space?