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The Story

We were smitten, really- we were. There were hardwood floors and brick walls and so much hidden potential. And who wouldn’t love a house on a street named “Walnut?” However, if there’s one thing we’ve learned just loving a house won’t make it automatically amazing.


“Just loving a house won’t make it automatically amazing.”

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This place took loads of dreaming, of sourcing, of working together and of wracking our brains to fix the problems that always arise when renovating old spaces. But we have a first rate team. So, bravo to them for dreaming with us and  bringing some pretty creative elements to life.

1. Live edge doors for the win!

2. Show stopper kitchen with forest green cabinets and open shelving.

3. Poster wall inspired by Claude’s childhood. 😉

4. Crazy, scattered tile floor in the bathroom. (thanks Chris, thanks.)

If we had to say goodbye, we definitely wanted to be able to look back on this place. And we wanted you guys to be able to remember it with us.

A few days later we sold the house, said farewell and someone else said hello to living life in this homey space.

Before sticking this beauty on the market, our pal Maddie Broderick came by and took photos.

They are living happily ever after, and so is their lovely, little home.


We finished, and everything was pretty much amazing. Like every house we redo- all we wanted to do was move in. Instead, we put it up for sale and hosted over 100 people for an open house. We noticed that everyone loved this old house the moment they fixed their eyes on it- just like we had. And now that all our dreams were reality, people from far and wide understood why we would take on such a wreck. We noticed potential. That’s why.



Renovated by The Chris & Claude Co.

Photographed by Maddie Broderick