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Louise Avenue

A little 50s & A Lot of PINk

Louise Avenue was one of those houses that looked like a foolish endeavor… until we walked through and I started dreaming up ALL the ideas. Even when the neighbor wanted to buy it before reno, Chris and I were like, “We’re not letting go of this house at all.”



modern & 50's, with clean lines and lots of pink

take me home...

After our first walk through- and my scavenging for retro clothing left behind by the previous owner- we decided to go for a modern, 50’s look with clean lines and lots of pink.

We kept an original light fixture in the entrance and the original sink/toilet in the master bathroom. Despite some of the misgivings Chris had about this space, we think it turned out perfectly.

the best part...

Our favorite part of this whole process was sharing this space with other entrepreneurs in their creative endeavors. We had gotten feedback in the past that our houses are too unrealistic, that we are only creating discontentment for people. And I started to wonder why we aren’t just doing nice little renovations without so much fuss. I pondered it for a while before approaching Chris with it and he said, “well God made the Cardinals red.” That inspirational tidbit just stopped me in my tracks. Truth is, God created us to love beauty and to be inspired. And in the end, He’s the author of ALL creativity and beauty and uniqueness. Reflecting His creativity, doing what we do- that makes me come alive. So enjoy the pink cabinets and Charlie the bird and the unique and the different and the crazy in this little place on Louise Avenue. And may you be inspired to push your creative limits.

"well, god made the cardinals red."

our goal is more than making homes, it's spurring on our fellow creatives, building community & yes - making spaces pretty

We hoPe you enjoy the unique & the creative & the different of LOUISE AVE.



Renovated by The Chris & Claude Co.