It’s All About the Paint


Possibly one of the biggest things that you can do to change up a room is to paint it. The color of room can make it feel darker or brighter. It can make a statement or it can remain neutral. It can be something that helps your house feel modern or outdated.

If you know anything about our projects you know that we love to add unique designs and bold colors to our projects. In the early days we would pick a color and feature it throughout the home, on the floor, celling, wall, cabinets and on the exterior. The great thing about paint is that you can paint something today and easily change it in a few years.

Louise Avenue

“After our first walk through – we decided to go for a modern, 50’s look with clean lines and lots of pink.” And there we started to dream about how we could turn this dark and outdated house into a modern fun home with pops of pink throughout the home.

We painted a room with a half pink, half white wall and loved the results. We even kept the trim consistent with the wall color to add a more unified look. We also painted the back door the same shade of pink and painted the cabinets the same – with no regrets.

New Dorwart Street

It’s not yellow, its Pear. Okay, okay, we admit its a shade of yellow – and we love that! New Dorwart Street took a lot of imagination when we first walked into the house. We loved the neighborhood, but the house needed a lot of work – and we were ready for it.

We painted some walls half yellow, half white, matching the trim with the color of the wall. We also painted the cabinets, the front door – both inside and out, and bathroom ceiling the bright and fun color Pear. In the end we walked away from a project satisfied to see how the bright and fun color made the house stand out in a beautiful way.

The Railroad Masters House

To compliment the brick in the room, and the hardwood floor – we made the bold choice of painting one wall completely black. With the light furniture, and the natural light from the window the wall made the statement that we wanted it to, without feeling too dark.

The Feakins Project

The Feakins Project continued to grow and grow, but in a house where we wanted to keep most of it neutral we had fun adding this orange color to the mudroom cabinets. Nothing too crazy with the white walls and white tiles but we loved the way the cabinets pop in this room.

Broad Street

The project that looked bleak in the beginning but quickly became a place for us to dream about renovating. The transformation was like night and day. Broad Street started with colored outdated walls and ended with a cozy cottage feel.

It felt a little risky to decide not to do a modern feel, and it was even different from many of our other colorful designs. But due to the layout of the house and so many low ceilings we decided to design the house with the cozy, cottage feel. Our design colors remaining simple with just white and black throughout the house. To help the rooms feel bigger we didn’t paint any of the walls a solid dark color – but we wanted the rooms to feel more dynamic and not just plain white. The solution came when we painted the baseboards black and the rest of the walls and trim white. In the end, it was the exact look and feel that we wanted.

Prince Street

“It’s hard to pin-point the style for Prince Street – The word “colorful” comes to mind. *eh heh* We decided to go bold, inspired by a few color blocking photos I had saved in my archives for the past few years.”

We used dark green for the cabinets in the kitchen, and matched the exterior of the house with the same color. But the stairs we painted with the rainbow in mind – and loved the final results. In the living room we painted a pink square in the corner of the room for something different. If you check out the full project you’ll also see the colorful wallpaper we used in one room and the gorgeous blue tile that we added to the bathroom. In the end it was the project that was fun, colorful and unique – everything we wanted it to be!

Walnut Street

“This place took loads of dreaming, of sourcing, of working together and of wracking our brains to fix the problems that always arise when renovating old spaces.”

A massive transformation happened at this project – something that required a lot of work and creative design, but in the end it paid off. But what we really want to highlight is this gorgeous blue color that we used for the cabinets and the back door. Set against the stark white tile, and complimented by the black fixtures – this kitchen turned out better than we had even dreamed.

Towne Drive

“We didn’t recreate the phenomenal green cabinets of the Walnut Street House, nor did we go for moody European like the Broad Street House. But that’s what makes Towne so unique- it was our company doing what we do best- trying something new.”

For the Towne Drive we went with a basic, modern look. Wood tones mixed with black and white. Similar to Broad street we painted rooms white, with black accents – but because of the high ceilings it felt more modern than the cottage feel. We especially liked the way the stairs turned out.

Track 5

Perhaps are craziest design project – we went completely out of our comfort zone as we worked with Track Five. But our amazing team does a great job of remembering that the clients vision is the most important thing for the project. With that, we painted different walls with graffiti and designed a work space to feel fun and creative for Track Five.

Walls, doors, stairs, cabinets, exteriors – we painted it. Whether it was simple black and white or a bold color, each project was transformed by the paint that we chose. In the end though, whatever we painted, we love to design and create spaces that our clients love and thrive in.

Keep your eye out for the It’s All About the Exterior blog coming soon – where we will show you more of projects and how we painted their exteriors.


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