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Wallpaper was wildly popular at the beginning of the 1900’s through the 60s, but then it faded away. The paper was often glued to the wall with a difficult-to-remove-adhesive. And if you have ever tried to remove the difficult glue , you may have sworn wallpaper off completely.

But the wallpaper days are back, and very much improved. Instead of requiring a nightmare-to-change wallpaper, today we have many easy-to-remove options. Not only do most wallpaper options today change up a room without damaging the paint underneath, (perfect for rentals and accent walls) but wallpaper can also add a unique design or fun flair to any room.

Over the years we have loved to incorporate different styles of wallpaper throughout our projects, adding a special touch to different rooms. We’ve added it to bathrooms, living rooms and bed rooms. Sometimes it’s been a bold accent walls, and other times it’s been a full room filled with something special.

Prince Street

We loved decorating this room with the swinging chair. But the design of the room was where we really enjoyed shining. The old hardwood floor just begged for something soft to pair with it. When we found this wallpaper from Anthropology we couldn’t resist adding it as an accent wall. The subtle colors of the tiny flowers against the soft pink background was the perfect way to finish the space.

Louise Ave

This may have been a bolder choice simply because we used it for the entire room and not just as an accent wall. But we’ll always love looking back at this office space. The large doors with the window panes made the room feel larger than it was, and the window with the white curtains left light in to shine on this gorgeous wallpaper from York Wall Coverings.

Towne Drive

Town Drive was fun to design simply for the amount of creativity that we could add to each room. We were so inspired by the space that we added two accent wallpaper walls to this house – one in a bedroom and one in the living room. The cloud wallpaper from Urban Outfitters just set the mood for the dreamy bedroom. And the bolder floral wallpaper from (also from Urban Outfitters) accented the couch and large mirror perfectly.

The Patrick’s Project

Okay let’s be honest, the puppy completes the look of this bathroom more than anything else. But when we were designing this bathroom we knew we wanted to add gold accents, a penny tile floor, and soft accents of pink. But with a white wall it just seemed too simple. However when we found this element wallpaper from Urban Outfitters we got even more excited! Similar to the first project we showed you, this wallpaper added the perfect amount of soft colors from the flowers and yet not too many that it felt busy behind the round mirrors.

New Dorwart Street

Perhaps one of our more unique wallpaper choices from Urban Walls, was these eyelash deca’s. The eyelashes aren’t actually wallpaper – you have to put each one up individually. But it’s close enough to wallpaper that we wanted to add them to this blog.

The attic was already a little controversial because we painted the floor white, but we absolutely fell in love with the simplicity of the black and white wallpaper. Add a dark couch and an old locker and the room was perfect in our book.

The Feakins

Perhaps the boldest choice for an accent wall, yet one of our favorites. The dark leaves of this wallpaper from Etsy against the white backsplash, the light wooden floors and these simple doors was the perfect finish to this room. The natural greens and darker colors of the wallpaper left it feeling less busy, especially with the amount of natural light that shone on this wall.

Prince Street – again

But new isn’t always better. We’ve always enjoyed designing a space and taking something old and making it new. But even as we design something to be new we also don’t want to lose the integrity of the original design. That’s why we were excited when we doing this vintage wallpaper in the Prince Street kitchen – which is why we saved it, with no regrets.

Sometimes you want a room to stand out in a unique way. Whether you chose to add an accent wall, or change the entire room. Wallpaper can be the perfect way to add a unique flair to any room.


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