It’s All About the Bathroom


The sink, tub, shower, tile or even the wallpaper or paint – your bathroom cannot be overlooked. We’ve had fun throughout the years as we added new accents and experimented with unique looks. But we’ve also enjoyed the moments that we were able to keep some of the accents that had been there before we arrived. Sometimes it’s an exposed wall or beam, or perhaps the sink or mirror. Whatever you change or keep, we are here to help you know what you need to create a space to thrive.

Prince Street was one of our more unique designs. We can’t help but love the deep blue tile in the shower, matching the accents of the unique floor tile. Pair it with the gold fixtures and raw wood, and you have a bathroom that you’ll always love.

Prince Street

If you like the farmhouse style you’ll love our Louise Ave powder bath. The sink alone would make a statement, but paired with tile that says “Hi!” your small bathroom is no longer obscure and insignificant. And of course when we saw the maroon sink and toilet in the master bath, we couldn’t get rid of it! Instead we updated the rest of the room, giving the special fixtures a face lift.

Louise Avenue

Sometimes it’s not about creating something new, it’s about using the old and giving it new life.

Towne Drive

It took some imagination to transform a relatively generic master bathroom into something that people would enjoy. But with some new tile on the floor and in the shower, a paint job, new fixtures and bath tub – the difference was like night and day. Also we will always love the exposed wood that we incorporated into the vanity.

Warwick Street

Tile. Tile. Tile. It can make or break your bathroom. We were well aware of this at the start of the Warwick Street project as you can see from the final result of this beautiful bathroom. (and you know that we love a wood vanity)

New Dorwart Street

Yes we did it. We painted a house and incorporated this yellow color as an accent throughout the house. If you haven’t read the kitchen blog check it out to see how we added this yellow to the kitchen.

Walnut Street

Sometime you need to keep the old with the character that the house holds. We were able to do that with the Walnut Street bathroom. We could have used another unique tile combination, but instead we opted to leave this wall exposed and the results didn’t disappoint.

The Horst Project

Tile, paint, wood. They’re all important. But sometimes it just comes down to the fixtures and allowing the accents to speak loudly. We will always love the Horst Project’s large mirror with all the gold accents.

It’s easy to overlook the bathroom. It seems less important in the grand scheme of home renovations. But we’ve learned that the bathroom is actually more important than you might realize. Whether you choose to spruce it up with new tile, paint, wallpaper, fixtures or some wood. Perhaps you choose to keep an exposed wall, sink or tub. Maybe you chose to do it all. Whatever you choose, we are here to help you create a bathroom that you can thrive in.


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