It’s All About the Kitchen

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For centuries the kitchen was a place meant to remain out of sight, out of mind. Strides in manufacturing and technology post-World War II gave us the kitchen that we have today- a place of community, creativity and beauty. And ultimately a place for gathering.

The recent cold weather has inspired us to spend more time in the kitchen. Pecan pie, peanut butter cookies, apple dumpling, pumpkin soup and the chilly outdoors push us to enjoy the warmth of the indoors.

New Dorwart Street

The New Dorwart Street kitchen was the place where we made the bold choice to paint the cabinets the color Pear, yes we know it’s yellow. The color completely transformed the space from a sad outdated kitchen to a bright, beautiful space you could thrive in.

Walnut Street

The Walnut Street Kitchen, one of our earliest renovations was inspired by warm wood tones and a dark, forest green.

Louise Avenue

The Louise Avenue kitchen seemed like a hopeless case at first glance. Dark and uninspiring would be two words we chose to describe it. But we welcomed the challenge and decided to pull inspiration from the 50’s infusing it with a lot of pink. 

“In the childhood memories of every good cook, there’s a large kitchen, a warm stove, a simmering pot and a mom.”

-Barbara Costikyan

Prince Street

We pushed the limits in this kitchen on Prince Street. We implemented a daring cabinet color, neutral tile and warm hardwood floor to create a both cozy and modern feel.


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