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Horseshoe Pike

Wood beams, doors, vanities and cabinets. Whatever it is, we love wood tones! Sometimes that means that we install something wooden, or it may mean that we don’t paint over a wood beam. We’ve even had the pleasure of revealing wood floors and beams when we did renovation work. There’s just something about the look of wood, the simplicity to it – that we love to add to any room.

Broad Street

The Broad Street house was designed with a lot of wooden elements. We had hardwood floor throughout the house and wood beams. In the bathroom we installed a wooden vanity, with a matching wood mirror. To add a little something extra to the small bathroom we installed triangle shelves in the corner for decor.

But the highlight of the wood tones was definitely in their dining room with the exposed beams, the large wooden table, and the hardwood floors. We just love the stately look of the room with all the wood tones.

You may have noticed in the pictures of the dining room, that we didn’t ignore the wood tones of the kitchen either. We installed a large wood door that matched the wood around the stucco hood and a large French baker’s board (that actually came from France).

Perhaps one of our favorite doors was the wooden door that we installed in this house. If you walked in you would open the wooden door to see the hardwood floors and then these fun wooden steps. In the end, we loved all the wood tones for this project – it never felt like there was too much wood and yet it wasn’t understated either.

Louise Avenue

For Louise Avenue we installed a fun wooden bench in the attic room. And we also wanted to highlight the dinning room with the large exposed beam – also check out the space you can see in the mirror that we made in the wall to store their wooden logs for the fireplace.

New Dorwart Street

New Dorwart Street was the project inspired by the color Bosc Pear. But we wanted to keep some of the original features of the old house. We were able to do that in the bathroom with the wooden walls and with the ceiling downstairs. The ceiling complemented the wood floor and we finished off the look with a wooden ladder in the corner.

Prince Street

Speaking of wood vanities we will always love the one we installed in the Prince Street house. We installed it as if it was coming out of the wall and in the end it was the perfect compliment to the tile on the floor.

The Patrick Project

The Patrick Project was filled with exposed beams and wooden floors, complete with wooden doors. We started by painting the attic bedroom completely white, including the brick. But we left the wood beams exposed, we installed wooden floors and when we added a wooden bed – it was complete. Because the room was all white, the wood stood out.

It was the same downstairs in the kitchen and the dining room. We painted the rooms white but we also had exposed wood beams with the wooden floor and wood doors. It was the perfect blend of white with wood.

Columbia Avenue

Speaking of exposed beams – Columbia Avenue was the project that we had gorgeous wood beams dividing the kitchen and the dining room. We also installed a large shelf above the window for some plants to grow, and covered the vent with wood. But perhaps our proudest wood moment in this house was in the bathroom with the floating wood vanity.

Towne Drive

For Towne Drive we installed another wood vanity – but with one big difference, this time we installed the wood but put a marble slab on top of it to five it a clean look.

In the kitchen we took the same wood style that we used in the bathroom and added it to the vent to make it pop just a little against the tile. We also installed footing wood shelves that were perfect to decorate. And of course we had a hard wood floor to finish the look.

In the living room we installed our signature wooden beams across the ceiling, but in our opinion the star of this room is the large beam that we repurposed into the mental above the fireplace.

The Railroad Masters

In the Railroad Masters house we wanted to keep a lot of the original structure of the house like the stone wall in the dining room. We were also able to do this with the wood beams in the ceiling and the wood that was revealed in one of the rooms as we tore down plaster. We also installed wood beams around the shower and a large sliding barn door leading to the bathroom.

Our “Ode to the 70’s” Airbnb

Our own little house that we designed into an Airbnb. We decorated with vintage 70’s furniture and decorations so we painted the house mainly white, but we also wanted to keep a lot of the wood in the house. We’ll always love the wood beams in the dining room and living room and the large farm door that divided the sunroom from the kitchen.

The Feakins Project

For the Feakins Project we installed a mixture of different wood tones. In the bathroom we installed a Walnut wood for the vanity. And for the bathroom door we installed a large barn door that slid open. In the dining room we had a deep wood color on the ceiling with the exposed beams and a light wood color for the wooden floors. In the kitchen we had the lightest wood for the vent and another medium toned wood as the base of the island. Each wood tone complimented the other, but it also added dimension and character to a house that we painted white to give it a modern clean look.

Obviously we love wood tones and because of that we’ve installed wood somewhere in each of our projects. We just love the simplicity and minimalism of how wood compliments other colors and tile in a room.

Inspired by our projects? We’d love to work with you! Check out our design page to see how we could design a space for you to thrive.


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