Decorating with Greenery

For many of us, having plants in our house used to be an afterthought…
Either we had killed them too many times, simply don’t know what to buy or didn’t know where to put them. Times have changed my friend, and we now all want houseplants. Green thumbs or not.

We’ve learned that plants have a huge effect on the design and atmosphere of a room. Making the effort to add some greenery takes our beautiful spaces to the next level.

An article from Design-Milk says, “We know that plants make us happier, help us recharge and help us be more productive.” Not sure about the science behind that, however greenery does have an enormous impact on a room.

Today we’ll show you some of our favorite house plants, how we have used them and how you can use them too (without killing them.) 🙂

Air Plants

Source: Air Plants can be found online from sites like or amazon which seems quite odd. They may also be stocked at your local greenhouse, which seems to be a more fitting spot to purchase them.

But really, don’t we all know – these things have the potential to add some serious boho to your home.

Light: Air plants should be kept where they’ll receive bright, indirect sunlight or under fluorescent home/office lighting. Periods of direct sunlight are just fine, but more than a few hours of hot sun will deplete their moisture. If your plant will be in a spot with some pretty direct light, try misting them every couple of days to keep them hydrated.

Water: It’s best to give them a thorough rinsing under running water or letting them soak in a bath of water for 20-30 minutes once or twice a week. After their shower or bath, 🙂 gently shake the plants to remove any excess water from the base and the leaves, and set out to dry in an area with enough air circulation to dry them out in about 4 hours. If their leaves start to get dry and wrinkly, it’s a sign that they have not had enough water.

Styled: Above, the air plant (Purchased last summer during a trip to California) is hanging from wire in front of our kitchen sink window. Hanging them by a sink has proved to be a great way to remember to water this baby.

Snake Plants

These guys are hands down one of our favorite plants. The boast tall, straight lines & style perfectly with Mid-Century Mod rooms & furniture. When I first purchased this snake plant, my mom said she wasn’t too fond of snake plants, they just seemed old to her. They reminded her of the plants that her mom used to have setting around the house. Exactly. Most everything that was popular in the Mid 40’s-60’s is now back in full swing. I’ll take it. And sorry mom, but the reason I don’t really like ferns is cuz they were all over our house growing up… (Heh) How must shall we bet that my kid will most definitely be a fan of ferns & hate snake plants.

Source: Snake plants can be bought at most greenhouses. This beauty was purchased from Ken’s Gardens in Smoketown. The more important thing to note is that just because they look small when purchased, does not mean these guys won’t have a serious growth spurt.

Light: Nice thing about these guys is that they’re pretty adaptable. They do well in indirect or direct sunlight.

Water: Water them every 3-4 days. It’s actually good for their soil to dry out a bit between waterings, but not too dry.

Styled: Snake plants are styled best on the floor, in a pretty corner like this or standing next to things of other heights.

Aloe Vera

The shape and color of these plants adds a ton of interest to any space.

Source: Again, these guys can be bought at most Greenhouses. I got mine at Horst’s Greenhouse in East Earl. Aloe Vera is great design wise because it’s so unique. It’s also easy to take care of and (some say) healthy to have around the house.

Light: Aloe leaves should grow straight up, if they aren’t they are not getting enough sunlight. Be careful not to have prolonged hours of direct sunlight or its leaves will turn brown, however this guy does benefit from some sunlight.

Water: Aloe Vera plants prefer dry soil. So water only once a week, if that. If the leaves start to curl or grow brown, it isn’t getting enough water.

Styled: These plants looks best when paired with a softer, less harsh looking plant, like this one, (don’t worry, we’ll talk about that one next.)

String of Pearls Plant

My all time favorite indoor hanging plant. This one is still in it’s original pot. It’s hung with a thicker rope that connects to a simple hook hanging from the ceiling. These two plants seem to get along fine too. 🙂

Source: These plants are a bit harder to find. Picked up mine at Horst’s Greenhouse (for anyone living nearby)

Light: This plant is so good for the indoors because it needs light, but not direct sunlight.

Water: Again, it doesn’t need much water. Once or twice a week should keep this guy happy.

Styled: While this one is hanging from the ceiling, it would also work great in a pot on a shelf. Just so long as it has some room to trail down. And speaking of trailing down, another one of our favorites is Indoor Ivy

Indoor Ivy

These things looks great styled in a predominately white room, just sayin’.

Source: Anywhere plants are sold. 😉

Light: These guys need a lot of sunlight, otherwise they become stringy and brown.

Water: When watering your ivy, always check the soil before adding water. Ivies prefer to be kept slightly on the dry side, so let the soil dry out some (dry to the touch on top) before you water your ivy plant again. Also, make sure that your plant has excellent drainage, as ivy does not like to be in standing water or overly wet soil.

Styled: Style these in a pretty pot on a windowsill, desk or shelf. Also great for hanging from the ceiling.


No one can deny that succulents are totally IN. But whether they’re just another trend or not, these guys have got some character!

Source: Succulents can be purchased at greenhouses, but sometimes they’re a bit pricey (well, in my opinion.) Succulents can be bought much cheaper through Etsy. They come in small clippings all wrapped up in paper. But really, they work. 🙂

Light: Most succulents need about half a day to a full day of sunlight.

Water: Since they are a lot like cactuses, they prefer dry soil. If their leaves become light colored and rounded, they have had too much water. Not enough and they dry up. The best way to know is to plant them in cactus soil and water them whenever the soil has been dry for several days.

Styled: Because they are so tiny, they fit nicely in a little box, lined up on a desk or styled in a unique way like this ladder.

Fiddle Leaf Fig

While most of these suggestions are very positive, we thought we’d include one of our plant challenges, this Fiddle Leaf Fig. If any of you have suggestions or tips, hit us up! While these plants add some serious style to a room, they aren’t the easiest to keep alive. The following photos are from a time and place in our lives when the Fiddle Leaf still loved us.

And that’s probably where we’ll leave it with the figs. Google it. 🙂

Vases of Flowers

This is a little harder to accomplish in the winter time (obviously.) Vases of flowers add a completely different feel than houseplants, and go a long way.

Greenery can add so much to a room, when done creatively, carefully and with intention. Plants should be grouped in ways that they can complement each other, so pay attention to good greenery placements. Greenery should also be placed in such a way that it doesn’t draw attention, but rather allows the eye to travel around the room in a pleasing way.

Besides the life they bring to a room, plants can also be used super creatively. For examples, these succulents chumming it up with the little Snake plant.

A flower garland against a white wall. 🙂

Unique vases, like these light bulb vases from Michaels…

Pair plants with accessories like books, unique decor or dishes.

Just imagine this room without the array of vines and greenery. Often we don’t know what a room is missing, and who knows? It might just be missing some greenery.

Let us now stop worrying about our lack of green thumbs – the plant doesn’t know that anyway.
Visit the greenhouse, pick a plant you are drawn to, do some research and give it a spot in your home. Sometimes we miss the most simple solutions to our design problems. Sometimes we miss the impact a simple potted plant can have in our home.


With love, Claude


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