The Start of Discovering Honey Brook (our favorite small town of America)


We love our little town of Honey Brook. We fell in love with this town after we both started volunteering at the local Honey Brook Youth Center . When Chris and I got married, we knew this is where we were called to live and invest our lives. It’s not the most flashy place (we still don’t have a coffee shop in town) but it has character, unique finds at the thrift store, and a very special history of its own. It’s one of the reasons that we started hosting with our investment properties – we always want people to feel welcome when they visit Honey Brook.

I know that it’s special in today’s world to be able to walk down the streets and recognize the people you pass you by, to stop at the bank and have the teller know your name, to be able to walk to church on a sunny morning, and to lend a hand when the person two streets over needs some help. This small town isn’t for everyone, but we’ve enjoyed cultivating our home here.

But our town isn’t just any small town, it’s also conveniently located within an hour and a half of Philadelphia, Lancaster City and Harrisburg if we’re looking to take a day in the city. But even better than that, we only need to drive a couple of minutes to reach the beautiful farming county of Lancaster County. I’ll always appreciate driving a few minutes to buy locally grown vegetables at a road-side stand, and, of course, I frequently visit the local herb shops and thrift stores. But that’s not all. The rolling hills dotted with stables, wooden fences and horses galloping across the field, is perfect for a Sunday afternoon car ride through Chester County.

“When Chris and I got married, we knew there was no other place that we wanted to live.”


We’d love for you to discover Honey Brook on your own! So whether you’re planning a family vacation or bachelorette weekend, or need a place to stay while visiting the area, our Airbnbs are here for you. When you come visit there are a lot of things to do. And that’s why we are starting this new series: Discover Honey Brook. We’re working to create an easy to access directory for you to enjoy when you come to visit. We’re not being paid by these businesses to advertise for them – but instead we are giving you our honest favorites.

When we were first married we started our first renovation project in the attic of the very outdated house that Chris bought. Since then we’ve learned a lot and really refined our entire renovation process. We also renovated our downstairs. Once we moved though, we didn’t really have a need for the attic, so we started our first airbnb. I love the opportunity that it gives us to host others and give people a place to stay in our little town.

Just a couple of years ago the property directly behind our house went up for sale, and we couldn’t pass on the opportunity. We got to work renovating the space and decorating it, and recently we actually gave it an entire facelift and finished the basement. And if you follow us on Youtube or Instagram, you probably saw that we even installed a hot tub this summer. Anyone that knows us knows that we are always working to update and improve the space to continue to give the best experience to all of our guests.

So if you’re ever coming to Chester County or Lancaster County, do not miss our favorite little town that we call home. Whether you stay with us or you’re just passing through and stopping at one of our favorites, you won’t want to miss any of our favorites.


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