Creating Spaces to Thrive


We are the Chris and Claude co, creative designers from the start. We first made a name for ourselves with our colorful and unique design chooses, always looking for out-of-the-box thinking. In the beginning, we mainly flipped houses. Buying a house that needed a major makeover and then working hard to turn it into a space for someone to thrive.

But we’ve become so much more than that.

In the last year we have spent a lot of hours refining our design process and making sure that our team is set up in a way that can benefit you the best. We’re not just creative space designers. Yes, we love being creative. If you watch our YouTube you will quickly see that Claude is always up to something, always trying a new funky design. She’s creative and she likes to use her creativity. That’s why we renovate the attic and recently redid our Airbnb in the back of our property. That’s just Claude being Claude.

However, designing spaces is only a small aspect of our work. We function as tour guides, assisting you in achieving a space to thrive. Whether it’s realizing that your current house isn’t quite right despite being in a suitable location and having a property you like, we can help. We specialize in designing and renovating homes, turning your vision into words and taking action by coordinating with contractors, ensuring the project progresses smoothly. Our goal is to renovate areas such as kitchens that are too small, decks where you love to host gatherings, or basements that could be transformed into bedrooms.

In the past year we have specifically moved into refining our business services. We have chosen to focus especially on additions where people want to expand the footprint of their home. We are riding under the banner of historic home additions because our goal is to make each home feel like it is a timeless masterpiece. We want the addition to blend in with the story of the home. We also are focusing on making our homes have a look and feel of quality and authenticity rather than something that was slapped up by a builder grade contractor.

“To be tour guides dedicated to providing others with an exciting
experience and clearly mapped out process of finding, designing & creating
their own unique space to live, to work, to thrive.”

Our Mission Statement

But we also understand that sometimes you need to change it up, move to a new location or find a house with better bones. We’re here to help with that too! We are real estate agents, we can help you sell your current house and buy a new home.

We can cut out the stress of figuring out how to list your house, or worrying about what negations need to take place – all while we help you look for a better spot. A house that just outside that town you like, or in the city you love to go to, or whoever in Lancaster or Chester county that you’d like to move.

And if the new house you buy isn’t suitable for all of your needs, we can help you renovate it. It’s that simple. We take clients from start to finish – finding, designing, & building their own unique space.

Our real estate agents are knowledgeable & experienced in creative renovation, providing a reliable resource beyond just buying or selling so that you can end up with a space where you can really thrive. Our design and build reps are in tune with the current real estate market and keep resale & equity value in mind so that your purchase and renovations can be a great investment.

We are here for you! We understand the stress that can be caused by renovations, buying or selling a house. And we’d like to help you through it all. Contact us here to see if we are the right fit for you.


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Creating Spaces to Thrive

We are the Chris and Claude co, creative designers from the start. We first made a name for ourselves with our colorful and unique design

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