step by step

The Home Buying Process

Step One

Contact Us

Reach out and tell us about the property you’re hoping to find!

Tell us about your:

  1. budget
  2. desired property features
  3. ideal location

You can do so here.

We will:

  1. create an auto-search
  2. hand pick listings for you
  3. explain the process over coffee

Hailey + Jeremie

Step two

Get Financing

Next it’s time to get your financing in place.

  1. secure funding (cash, private loan or mortgage*)
  2. send us your pre-approval
  3. choose us as your agents!

*our favorite mortgage company is caliber home loans.

*steer clear of quicken loans, rocket mortgage and similar companies.

We will:

  1. be here to answer questions
  2. update auto search according to financing
  3. welcome you as our client!

Hailey + Jeremie

Step three

Tour Properties

Let the fun begin! Now we begin touring properties of interest.

  1. send us listings you want to see
  2. tour properties with us
  3. give feedback on those properties

We will...

  1. recommend listings to check out
  2. coordinate showings
  3. provide property info and price opinions

Hailey + Jeremie

Step Four

Write an offer

You’ve found the one; now it’s time to submit an offer and get things under contract.

  1. inform us when you want to make an offer on a property.
  2. decide on an offer amount

We will...

  1. write and submit an offer, then negotiate
  2. coordinate title search, appraisal, home inspections, etc.

Chris + Claude - family



We join you and the sellers at settlement to officially close the deal!

  1. attend final walkthrough
  2. bring funds to settlement
  3. get the keys!

  1. attend final walkthrough
  2. be at settlement
  3. celebrate with you

Ready to find your home?