Updating Our Attic Airbnb – and Buying an Orange Stove


When Chris and I first got married, Chris had bought a fixer-upper (to say the least)… We moved into the attic and put the downstairs renovation on hold for a few years. After Canon, our first son was born, we decided it was time to move down – we finished the downstairs and turned the attic into an Airbnb. That was ten years ago, and we hadn’t really changed it at all. The Industrial Inspired Loft was one of the starting places for our creativity and renovating juices to flow. It’s what got us started and since then we’ve continued to grow and made a business out of it. Industrial Inspired was the in style in 2014 – you could have even found a picture of the attic bedroom on Urban Outfitters back then. But it was time to make some updates to the attic.

“If you try to put me in a box – I’m not going to be able to really enjoy it.”


It was high time to update it. I have recently been inspired by the Y2K bright neon colors and uniquely shaped furniture. I went on a hunt for new, not-too-expensive, statement pieces to elevate the space without breaking the bank.

I spent time online buying furniture, rugs and we repainted the outdated beige color on the walls bleigh. So we painted the walls White Dove – the name may be boring but it brightened the space and gave me a fresh canvas for all of the color I wanted to add. My favorite find was a Mid-Century Modern stove that I found on Facebook Marketplace. This was no easy feat – trust me. All the stoves that we had been finding were way out of our budget. I fell in love with orange stoves – but they were even more pricey. One morning as I browsed FB marketplace, I found the best discovery ever! It wasn’t orange, but I was so excited to find the exact stove we were looking for in white – for only $500… only four hours away in Pittsburg eh heh.

“The real reason we bought a sprinter was to pick stuff up.”


I drove to Pittsburg, used it as an excuse to meet up with my Ohio sister Ervina for an hour & snag the stove.
After we picked up the stove, we noticed that the paint job wasn’t very good – and underneath it looked like it might be orange. So we took a risk and Chris pulled out the pressure washer to try to peel off the paint. It took hours and hours to finally complete the project – but all the time was well worth it. ORANGE!!

“You know there’s those things that when you ask someone to do something and five seconds later they do it, verses things that you ask them to do and two years later it’s still not done.”


Paint wasn’t the only thing we decided to update though. Chris & Lance worked hard to sand down the wooden panels on the wall, move light fixtures, paint brick white, change tile in the kitchen and put in green shelves. (Chris likes to say they are blue – but we all know what the real color is)

“I think some people have their summer home projects. We have a stove we are trying to turn orange – it takes about the same amount of time, I think”


Between finding new furniture, the checkered rug, painting the walls, updating tile and shelves, installing an orange stove and redecorating the space – we were able to update the attic space and I am so happy with how it all turned out! It’s so different from our vintage vibe, but I am loved the space age style.
We’ve decided that our Airbnbs are the perfect place to continue to showcase the creativity that you can have in your own spaces. So if you’d like to see the changes in person, you can book your stay here.

*Photos by my dearest sis in law Janali Barkman and Keziah Renee*

If you’re looking to recreate this look you can find all of our sources below:


  1. UO Checkered Rug 6×9
  2. UO Couch 
  3. Cloud Coffee table (ordered from amazon)
  4. Lamp
  5. led lightbulbs to add fun color
  6. Amazon Chair Option
  7. End table from amazon
  8. Amazon Coffee table option 
  9. UO End Table 
  10. Target Mushroom Stool
  11. Curtain for window – maybe this from amazon?
  12. Wooden Connect 4 game (ordered)


  1. UO Olive Beanbag (ordered this from target with free returns awhile)
  2. Neon Sign – (Purchased the watermelon )
  3. Beanbag from Amazon
  4. Leather Bean Bag Chair Amazon


  1. Box to put snacks in – (purchased this crate from UO)
  2. Retro Microwave (ordered this)
  3. Colorful knife set on magnetic strip 
  4. New mugs (Ordered 4 of these)
  5. Kitchen Faucet (ordered this from amazon)
  6. Water filter pitcher (ordered)
  7. Floating shelves from Etsy


  1. DIning Room Rug  (Purchased this 5×7 from UO)


  1. UO Sun Headboard
  2. Fake Ivy
  3. Bathrobes (Purchased 2 army green)
  4. New short end table for record player or this nightstand
  5. Mushroom pillow (ordered)


  1. Target Rust Colored Waffle Towel
  2. Squiggle mirror
  3. Colorful toilet bowel cleaner – purchased this in pink from UO
  4. Colorful toilet paper – purchased a pack of these 
  5. Modern toilet (purchased this)
  6. Toilet paper holder
  7. Translucent shower curtain
  8. Colorful Yellow Shower Spray Handle
  9. Nightlight (purchased from amazon)


  1. Velvet Curtain
  2. Giant wrist watch clock
  3. Keyless Lock that synchs with app

Door Divider Between Dining Room & Living Room

  1. Door Divider Macrame
  2. Curtain Tie Back


DINING ROOM PENDANT (might need to change light box in dining room?)

  1. Brass pendant from etsy


  1. Woven


  1. Custom track light from Etsy (purchased 11/6)


  1. Rattan


(To set on the Coffee Table)

Every Moment Holy Book (Ordered book #1)

Alabaster Books of The Bible (ordered The Gospels, Revelation & Psalms)

Bookshelf: Include our favorite, impacting books?


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