step by step

Our House Listing Process

Step One

Contact Us

Reach out and tell us about the property you’d like to sell.

  1. Contact us
  2. Tell us about your property

  1. Tour your property
  2. Generate a price opinion

Chris + Claude-1745 Towne-234

Step two

Become an Official Client

If you’d like to move forward with us, now is when you become our client.

  1. Choose us as your agent
  2. Sign listing contract

  1. Bring you on as our client
  2. Collect property data for listing

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Step three

Your Listing goes live

Your property listing is now live and ready for the perfect buyer to find it.

  1. If desired, confirm showing times
  2. Keep property looking sharp

  1. Submit listing
  2. Market listing

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Step Four

Property Sale

Offers come in, you select your preferred offer, and the sale goes under contract.

  1. Select offer to accept
  2. Prepare for sale and move

  1. Present and review offers with you
  2. Negotiate terms for sale




This is where the happy buyer and satisfied seller (aka YOU) meet at settlement to close the deal.

  1. Attend settlement
  2. Receive your $$

  1. Attend settlement with you

Ready to sell your home?