2022 Wrap


Happy New Year! 2022 was another exciting year for our team. We worked together to create smoother processes for you, our clients. We had the privilege of helping more people find and sell their houses. We completed and started new design projects. We’ve updated our website and many of our gallery pages to make it easier for you to contact us and catch our vision. And we continued to grow and learn as a team.

Our Team

In February some from our team had the privilege of attending the Kitchen and Bath Convention in Orlando, FL. We enjoyed the the classes about the latest industry trends. Not only that, we were able to connect with a software vendor and learn how to increase our efficiency in the coming years. It was also fun to spend time as a team in a new setting.

Buying, selling and renovating homes can be a stressful process and we know that. So this year we spent a lot of time as a team developing our processing systems. We’ve carefully spent time creating step by step processes so that we can help make each step little less stressful for you. After all, you want a space to thrive, and we’re here to help you with that, we’d also like to make it a less stressful process.

Some of Our Favorite Projects

Our favorite project from the year was wrapping up the HoneyBrook Golf patio and bathroom project. We’ve always loved working with businesses and creating beautiful spaces for them. We highly recommend the golf course if you need a space to have fun and enjoy good food.

We also enjoyed working on the Jones’ patio and helping their vision come to life. The spiral stair case turned out better than we had imagined. And the patio space below will be a space that we know they will be able to use and enjoy for years.

Real Estate

This year we were able to help many of our clients sell and/or buy a home or business space. We’ve continue to help a higher number of clients this year and have enjoyed working with so many amazing people in search of a new space or getting rid of the old. In particular, we helped a higher number of clients buy spaces to use as Airbnb hosts. We’ve enjoyed working with out clients and drawing from our own experiences and knowledge that we’ve gained from running our own Airbnbs.

Looking Forward

As we move into 2023 we are looking for ways to grow sustainably to serve our clients better and more efficiently. As the market continues to change, we are actively working to adept and change to overcome whatever market challenges we face in order to help you find and create the space of your dreams so that you can really thrive.

Maybe we’ll even be able to work with you this year! Contact us here.


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