Six years of creative space designs! Six years of doing what we love. Six years of building, designing and selling homes. We’ve gone through a lot of changes through that time, made some mistakes, learned from those mistakes and ultimately created a business that is more than just a business to us. Over the past six years we’ve had the privilege of working with clients that have become like family to us.

Looking back on what we did is exciting! Sometimes it’s hard to believe that we started with out little attic. But I guess you have to start somewhere. I’m still so glad that we decided to paint the brick white and leave the wood beams exposed.

Throughout the years we’ve worked to make our houses stand out on both the inside and the outside. We’ve painted houses blue and green. We’ve painted them white on white and white on black. We even painted a house black. And we’ve never regretted any of it.

Over the years we’ve also painted the inside of a house unique colors.

We painted the cabinets in a mudroom orange.

We painted a house with accents of yellow.

We brightened a kitchen by painting the cabinets pink.

We painted kitchen cabinets green, and added this amazing tile, light fixtures and handles.

We’ve also enjoyed designing and creating bathrooms that are pleasing to the eye. Whether that means we’ve installed unique tile around a tub, or statement tile in the shower, or large mirrors over the sink, we’re always looking for a way to make a bathroom bright and more of a statement. We put a lot of thought in the little details like the light fixtures and cabinet handles. In some cases we were even able to leave the walls exposed to make a little statement.

When possible we love to leave accents around the house that may be unique, but it also leaves a statement in your home.

With six years behind us we’ve been able to complete a lot of different project, incorporating colors and textures everywhere along the way. We’ve grown, changed and learned. Our projects have been too numerous to even try to start showing everything in this one blog post. But here’s a few of our highlights.

It’s been a journey and one we’ve loved. Creating spaces to thrive is so much more than just a job to us, it’s more than just a business, it’s family and its our passion. If you want to see more of what we’ve done read some of our other blogs here or check out our gallery here.

Thank you to everyone who has helped us along the way! We hope the next six years will be just as amazing!


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