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   Chris and I are are passionate about people and homes becoming best friends. Chris is a licensed real estate agent serving Chester and Lancaster counties in Pennsylvania.  Through the amazing Kingsway Realty, we are ready to assist you in the home searching / home finding / home buying process. Scroll down for a full guide of the home buying process, then fill out your future home form so we can get the search going. Excited to meet ya!

first requirement

You’re dissatisfied with your current living space. (we get it, we’ve been there too.)

second requirement

You’re like, “Hey these people might be fun to work with. I’ve checked them out and they know houses.”

third requirement

You love coffee. (But if you don’t, we’ll try not to judge.)



Before we start looking/dreaming of possible properties you need to be pre-approved by a mortgage lender. (try saying that ten times really fast.) The purpose of this first step is to determine what your maximum spending limit is. Pre-approval is where all home buyers have to start. We recommend Jodi Eckert at Caliber Home Loans. She’s boss. You can find info for contacting her here.


Welcome to step two. Hasn’t been too hard yet, has it? At this point, you’ll need to nail down some specific features of your future home. We’ve got a handy form for you to fill out. This includes things like: number of bedrooms/bathrooms, location, your budget and all the little things you’re dreaming up for your living space. Hit up the form here.

The Search Begins

Once we receive your future home info form, we’ll set up a handy online search. Don’t tell anyone, but we have this handy little robot that memorizes all your specific needs and canvasses the area to find home matches. Just kidding- it’s actually a search engine, but it does basically the same thing as a robot would. While we’re doing some home searching on our end, you can also be keeping an eye out for potential properties. Head over to our Search Page to look up properties for yourself.


Once we have a line-up of potential properties, (compiled by you guys + our little robot friend,) we schedule home showings. Chris and I accompany you to each of the homes, walk-through them, discuss things, grab coffee, and evaluate the options.


Pretend that we’ve just navigated a treasure map and we’ve finally found that place where x marks the spot. This is where you are in the home buying process. You’ve found a house that you could see yourself calling home, but there are still some obstacles to cross. There’s legal paperwork and offers to make. We have experience in all of these areas, and can keep you from getting ripped off. (these horror stories can actually happen.) While you and your family are dreaming up what you want your new house to be like, we’ll be over here structuring your offer and working our tails off to get you guys the space you love.


This step is the process between finding gold and seeing if it’s legit or not. You have found a perfect home and you’re ready to own it. Literally. Here’s where the home gets inspected. We highly recommend our friends over at Pillar to Post. And finally, we help you through the mortgage appraisal approval. Once those steps are completed, you are aloud to get really, really excited.

You're Rich

You’re rich because you’ve found a home and that is a momentous accomplishment. High five yourself! At this step, there’s some legal work to do with the title company and the official deed transfer. Our team recommends working with Regal Abstract Settlements to finish all these final steps of the home buying process.You can find all the contact information for Regal on our Affiliates page. Aaaand, there’s only one more step. Yup, you guessed it.

It's Yours!

It hasn’t been the easiest process, but we hope that all the decision making and the discussing and the searching has been worth it. You’re home, and that’s what counts. At this final step we hand over the keys to your new living space and you can begin preparations to move in. We’re kind of sad, cause we love working with you guys. But we’re also pretty happy for you. And here’s where you go riding off into the sunset and live happily ever after.


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