Bringing the Outdoors Indoors (Including 7 Plant Tips)

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I know that the winter is often filled with gray skies, bare trees and cold weather. But it doesn’t have to all be blue inside. As Creative Space Designers, through the years we’ve often decorated our indoor spaces with plants to help bring some life, literally, into a room. Plants also have the added benefit of omitting oxygen and remove harmful gases from the air. They are their own air purifiers.

I recently found a great deal on Facebook Marketplace and purchased a small group of plants and have thoroughly enjoyed putting them all around the house. Chris likes them too of course. So with that added inspiration in my home, I wanted to put together a small guide for you. You can see more from all these projects on our gallery page.

One of the very first blog posts I wrote, back in 2017, also touched a bit on plants: Decorating with Greenery – read it to learn a bit more about the type of plants you can use and where you can buy them.

Bring your old Ferns from outside inside

Ferns can be a bit tricky to care for in the winter. But if you like using them on the porch through the summer, you can save them through the winter by bringing them inside and hanging them in a bedroom or office. This gives your space a pop of green.

Plant Tip #1: For your ferns, to help them look healthy and green, take a sharp scissors and cut off any dead foliage. This will also keep them from shedding all over your floor all winter long.

Both small and large cacti are perfect for the floor or the table top

If you’re looking for a plant that needs minimal care, the cactus has always remained a favorite of mine. During the winter you only need to water it about once a month. It doesn’t grow very fast, but there’s something about the wild look of a cactus that we’ll always love. Just be careful if you have small children – you don’t want them to get into this plant.

Plant Tip #2: Put your cactus near a west facing window. These plants need as much sunlight as they can get during the winter.

Use Plants in the Bathroom

Not only does the bathroom provide extra humidity for the tropical plants, but it add a pop of green to your bathroom. You can put them on shelves, on the counter, or even in the shower. I even like to hang dried eucalyptus or lavender from the shower spout, then as you shower it will naturally defuse the plant into the air.

Plant Tip #3: For your humid loving plants like monsteras, ferns, or pathos, place them in the bathroom, near a bright window.

Place small plants on Kitchen Counters

This can be a practical thing for your kitchen, that is if you choose herbs and plant them near your window. You can just pick a little basil or cilantro fresh and add it to whatever dish you are making. Or if you’re like me, you can choose plants for decor such as the snake plant or hanging ivy.

Plant Tip #4: Keep aloe on your kitchen counter for quick care for a burn or cut. You can break off the stems of aloe and put it on any burn or cut to help the healing process.

Use Plants for your table center

I’ve never been the type of girl that liked vases of flowers, they’re just too expensive and they don’t last long enough. But I do love live plants, so instead of a bouquet of flowers – I like to put a live plant, or a group of plants, on the center of my table.

Plant Tip #5: Place smaller plants on the table, this will make it easer to move it off the table if you need to put food on it. It will also allow you to see over the plant if you are sitting at the table.

Bring life to the bedroom and living room with larger plants

Large plants can cost a bit more, but they can bring so much to a room. I’ve never regretted purchasing my large planter and monstera that I have in my living room. Somehow the plant just completes the look of our living room.

Plant Tip #6: Place medium sized plants in potters that are raised off the floor to make them look larger.

Other Hanging Plants

Ferns aren’t the only plant that you can hang. Pothos are fairly easy to care for and grow very quickly. You can have them just hanging or you can guide their vines up your wall. If you don’t have any plants that naturally trail down. You can still hang your non-trailing plants – just use a cute hanger and pot and it can look just as great.

Plant Tip #7: Make sure you use a sturdy hook in your ceiling for your plants. And remember that the plants weight will increase significantly when you water them – so if you weigh your plant to check what type of hook you need, make sure you do it with the plant directly after you water it.


I’m no plant expert. But I do love the look of life that a plant can bring to a room. Whether it’s just on your window sill, sitting on your table, or hanging in your bedroom, a plant can add so much to a room. And if you don’t have a green thumb, try some faux plants. And if you’re brave enough to dry a live plant for the first time, I recommend the snake plant or the zz plant (they are the easiest to care for).

Of course, we do so much more than just put plants in our own home. We are real estate agents, ready to help you sell your old house and buy your new home. We also work with an entire team to help you design and renovate the space that you have now into a space to thrive. If you’re interested in learning more and whether we’re a good fit for you, please contact us.


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