Honeybrook Golf Club: A Patio Renovation


During the design phase of any project we try to put words to the inspiration for the project. The words we landed on for this space was “old world.” This was drawn from the history of rural Chester County, its farmlands, architecture and character. The owners of Honeybrook Golf and Greenside Grill envisioned a space where guests can relax and feel that they are enjoying something nostalgic and special. We really resonated with their team and the passion they have for the community of Honey Brook. So it was a joy to partner with them.

Before/During Photos

We initially started discussing this project in January 2020. Due to the pandemic we had to postpone our start date to October 2021. And while we didn’t have any major hiccups or surprises, the supply chain and cost of construction in this post pandemic world contributed to the length of time this project took.

We built an 18’x65′ patio extending from a 12’x65′ covered porch. We poured concrete, built a stone wall around the perimeter, made from rocks found on the property. Then we built a large stucco fireplace and installed a pergola over the patio. Leading to the patio, we installed a walkway and covered pergola. Then we added some landscaping and dug a cart path between the patio and putting green. Designing the outdoor fireplace to have a good draft was probably our greatest challenge. Outdoor fireplaces are difficult in general because of unregulated air currents, temperature and humidity.


Becca did a swell job working with the team at Honeybrook Golf to put these moodboards together. And we consistently returned to these during the build phase of the project, to ensure that we were staying focused on creating the look + feel we had envisioned.

During/After Comparisons

At last! Enjoy a few during/after comparisons. Credits go to Reagan Glick for these lovely after photos.

After photos

Thank you to the Honeybrook Golf Club for entrusting this special project to us. It has been a joy to see your dreams come to life. And we can’t wait to sit on this patio some summer evening and enjoy the view with our team. Check out their website here.

Interested in learning more about our Design process? Head to this page for a description of our process.


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