Our Favorite Small Business Collaborations

Owning a small business is a glorious thing.

You have this thing called fellow business owners, and you’re all in the same pot.

Crazy full of Dreams & Ideas and maybe just a little tight on cold cash & time to figure out all ‘dem plans.
By some stroke of  luck, we always have moneh’ for coffee tho. Especially that new Copper Cup location, s/o to you guys and that honey latte!

And we getta whole lot done too, even if it means burning the midnight oil.

What else is fun about being a small business owner?

Mondays. I can’t remember the last time I dreaded a Monday (especially with a dad who hounded in us the joy’s of waking up to another day and to live with gusto even in the mundane)

Mondays, seriously. It’s like you wake up & you get another fun day to have a fun day. Creating and Designing and Seeing God’s creativity & beauty lived out thru us.

Thank Ye Kindly for Monday’s Lord!!

Collaboration is another fun part of this whole business world.

So the fabulous Gr8r Purpose Team ( my sibling/mom + dad that we tag-team with in home design & staging) (I know, I know, it’s kinda complicated to understand) had a house hitting the market in April.

Short Version: Chris & I did the research on the house, said it was a ‘go’ to purchase. Dad purchased it, the team walked thru, dreamed & designed. Ben + Kenny + a few others renovated it. The sisters picked out lights, paint colors, etc etc etc. We worked together to stage it! Dad put it on the market.

So for this Hazel Street house, we are in charge of staging, so I thought it would be fun to include products from other fellow business owners, local & non-local.

This post is one GIANT s/o to those fabulous-o Creatives whose products helped make the house a grand slam beauty.

This Lancaster City House hit the market on a Saturday and then un-hit the market (after it got snagged by some super lucky person) before the next week was ‘ore.

So. Here’s to all you Crazy Creative’s out there – we love you all, even those of you with those outlandish dreams of yours  …  that will probably actually come to life sometime.

Mae Woven

What a gorgeous batch of designers this company has.

Amelia truly has created a gem of a product.

You’ve got a small piece of boho beauty every time you sit down against one of their pillows. Seriously, it’s true. These pillows felt right at home amongst the mid-century modern flair…

Deeply Rooted

When it comes to making Jesus famous, these people have done an incredible job of it. I love beautiful photos & I Love Jesus. So combine the two and you’ve got Deeply Rooted Magazine.  Way to go guys – as they say these days “Keep On Keeping On” … Or is that an outdated phrase. I dunno.

P.F. Candle

Um. Ok. Give me all the candles.
Wanna be transported to Netherlands. Well ya can’t be cuz it’s not real. But, these candles certainly do something oddly similar. Like bring back childhood memories of crackling fires and ice cream trucks and beautiful things like that. Sorta like Willy Wonka in a candle form. Heh.

Ima buy me all of dem.

My White Flag

You know how Deeply Rooted Mag is beauty + Jesus combined in magazine form. Well this is beauty + Jesus in flag form.

I love the deep vision behind this company – I’m so proud of what they do! If you need a simple statement piece in your home, this is the ultimate. I passed this on to my sister Ervina, and I think it’s going to be perfect in her gorgeous white + cream house.

Avant Candle

These candles are oddly immortal. Like for real, they burn forever. Talk about getting your monies worth out of something, ey-yi-yi. We had these burning all over the house during Open House hours and the ambience they added was on point. Nothing like a good candle and a record player to make a house feel alive.


This small biz tho! Tania, the dreamer & owner, Is crazy good at what she does.

I’m all about mid-century modern right now, so when I find soap that has the design look like it’s from the ‘50’s – I’ll take it. I love to enjoy life with spruced-up versions of normal things. Cool soap, for instance, is my jam. Why use normal soap when you can have awesome soap.

I’ve always been drawn towards color, so no wonder when these soaps arrived I died.

The Night Sky

I can’t stop with all these amazing companies. Maddie did an especially rockin’ job with these photos for The Night Sky. I love the funky feel.

I discovered this company while searching the deep dark web late one night to find the perfect gift for my sister’s little baby- Little Kenny’s 3rd birthday in heaven.

I finally found it and it’s perfect.

This place lets you punch in a location and an exact date anytime in history and it shows you the way the sky actually looked at that location & time.

It’s such a personal puncher of a gift. Kinda oddly raw and personal.

So I bought one for Little Kenny. Then for a dear cousin’s birthday. And then this one is for the exact date the house was deeded wayyy back in 1900.

Super cool. It’s going to be a gift to the new Homeowners, lucky ducks.

Lucid Mattress

Disclaimer: Chris and I have never actually owned a new mattress.

We’ve always bought ours secondhand from Ivan + Anna, the coolest old people in Honey Brook who run the local thrift shop. So when I say ‘secondhand’ I probably Actually mean third or fourth or fifth hands.


Maybe that’s kinda gross, but um, hey, beggars can’t be choosers.

Anywayyy, we found out about Lucid Mattress thru Maddie, after she purchased our last house.

We love them & their rad mattress-making skillz.

Lucky for you, they ship them straight to your house in a nice little box. No crazy huge mattresses to haul up and down the stairs – you just take the box up to the room & let it inflate.

Someone tell me, why did it take so long to invent these things?

Lucid Mattress

Barefoot Macreme

Abby Weaver is a longtime friend and hero.

She takes it up a notch with this macramé by offering classes & channeling the money towards anti-trafficking ministries that are close to her heart.

I got to be a part of her first workshop, and am so proud of her.

Also, Abby just happens to be my doppelganger.

We’ve gotten guessed alike only 83198298 times in our short lives already. I think it slowed down to a steady ‘once a month’ now that she’s got bangs. 😉

look her up on instagram Barefoot Macrame

Well there ya have it folks. The wrap on Hazel Street Collab. We are so thankful to the gr8r purpose team, our photographer Maddie Broderick and all the lovely businesses mentioned above. 🙂


With love, Claude


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