Our Favorite Rugs and Light Fixtures Source List

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Today I’m gifting you sources to some of my favorite recent home purchases!

If you ask me what some of my favorite things to buy for a house are, I’d tell ya straight up – Light Fixtures & Rugs.

Two hidden gems that often get overlooked..

I’m absolutely loving this crazy rug fad going on – It reminds me of the dudes crazy sweater in the Princess Diaries movie – “Uhm…was the sweater designed for you or did the knitting machine just blow up?”

So when picking rugs these days, I head straight down the Moroccan-knitting-machine-blew-up road.

Don’t stop me anytime soon.

I’ve compiled a few of my favorite rugs & light fixtures from the Hazel Street home staging & am have included the links so that you can enjoy them for yourself!


Living Room Rug

Rugs USA but discontinued

Jute Rug:


Attic Rug and White Sheepskin:

Large Industrial Lamp and Chandelier:

Vintage Purple Persian Rug and Gray Sheepskin:

Gold/Black Lamp:

Round Tree Ring Rug

no longer available…

Light Fixture:

Bathroom Chandelier and Sconces:


1. Lamp

2. Sconces

3. Small Chandelier

4. Attic Chandelier

5. Table Lamp

6. Light Fixture

7. Chandelier

1. Jute Rug

2. Sadly not the tree ring rug- but another beauty similar to the Tree Ring Rugs

3. White Sheepskin

4. Sheepskin

5. Vintage Purple Rug

6. Green Tassled Beauty


With love, Claude


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