A Collage Wall That Belongs

Collage Wall Made by The Chris & Claude Co.

So, what if I told you that we plastered pieces of magazine papers all over the wall of a room? First, you’d probably think I was a college freshman. Or you might think I’m tacky. Guess again- it was actually one of the coolest design choices we made for our Walnut Street House.

See, I’ve always loved the lived in and loved on look. Growing up, I created a wall just like this in my bedroom. It was tacky and the tape was terrible and it ruined a whole wall of my room. However, to me it was inspiring and homey and personal. I used sheet music from broadway musicals and classics from Beethovan- anything that looked inspiring and full of character. That wall of papers is still there, in my childhood home- my mom must dread having to patch the wall- or maybe she just really likes it.

So, that was my inspiration- a childhood whim. And yet, when we started tearing and taping pages onto the wall- it actually worked. Our pages came from modern/classic European magazines, Magnolia Magazine and a beautifully designed devotional. Court and Bri took over the job of ripping and taping and making something new look aged. You might ask, how could something so disorganized and, dare I say it, cheap, turn out so beautiful? Frankly, it’s because it looked old. There’s something so homey about things that look like they’ve been there for years and years.

“Design works when it belongs. And this poster collage did its job. it made itself right at home.”

When we first ripped into this house- we were desperately hoping there would be brick behind all that plaster. And there was. We sprang on the opportunity of ridding the world of a bit more plaster and our guys painted the whole thing with Benjamin Moore White Dove. The room was transformed, and yet, maintained that aged, cozy look.

“The homemade magazine wall belonged, because the room itself was homemade and aged”

Trust us, magazine collages don’t work in every room. Especially that childhood room of mine. But something clicked and I’ve officially bonded with this design feature.

I have no regrets with the way we styled this room. The whole concept that kept coming back to me was that I wanted to simulate a cozy, dorm room. And I love that even just looking at these pictures makes me want to go into that room, curl up with a book and watch the boys play connect4.

Here’s the thing- the new and the perfect and the “fresh off the store shelf” is not always the best. Homes are places that have age and character and use. Remember that, guys and gals. Homes are meant to be lived in.

with love, Claude


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