Why I Can’t Stop Using Pink | An Entry Makeover


May 20, 2019


I want to love my home. That sounds a bit weird and I’m totally not an advocate for going out and spending crazy money to beautify your home. But I am saying, if there are small ways you can tweak things – a photo you can hang, a thrift store find that will make your home feel more like you – then do it.

I don’t always know exactly why I dig the colors I’m digging. Each house has its own story to tell and our 1800’s Victorian-style home seemed like she wouldn’t mind a dainty splash of blush added to her doors. I’m prone to making quick decisions & oftentimes wreaking havoc along the way and most definitely regretting them days later. But with pale pale pale pink, I already know *hope* that this is a decision I won’t regret in a few weeks. But if I do, what’s the loss? A bucket of paint, a few hours of work and let’s be honest – I definitely got some pink paint on my jute rug.

A couple years ago when I wanted my doors to be beautiful and feel like me, I ran to the hardware store, quickly picked a paint swatch, bought the paint and came back home and painted that door. A hideous blue. I now do my research. I google the color and look up other blogs on how people used that color. Paint is only paint – it’s easy to paint over and just takes a few hours orrrr days of your life. But time is precious and time is money, so do a bit of research and don’t be like the old me who saw a cool paint swatch and painted a bit too hastily.

Myquillyn Smith wrote a book called The Nesting Place – she talks straight up on not being so doggone afraid to paint a few walls. Like really, what’s the worst thing that could happen? You hate the paint and have to dedicate a day of your life to re-painting it? Exactly. So make your home your home. Paint that door.

For your viewing pleasure, I documented my painting journey. Let it be a lesson that good things take time, kids will always be a distraction, and a traveling husband may or may not love your decision to paint without consulting him.

be bold. be you.


P.S. Here’s the paint color I used by Farrow & Ball. It was matched by Sherwin Williams.


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