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460 New Dorwart was a bit like a walk down memory lane- remembering that first renovation project Chris and I tackled on New Dorwart Street three years ago. We were young and naive and we thought the world of goodwill (we still do I think) and spent most of our time scraping together pennies and tentatively revealing brick walls. Those were the good ole days.

They really were.

But we’ve learned a few things since that first flip. We’ve learned how much we love unexpected things- like yellow, ur, pear, cabinets. We’ve learned the value of… actually the utter necessity of having a team. We’ve learned that we love to be different (ie. lime wash walls, tape players and original wallpaper.) And we’ve learned to hear each other’s crazy ideas and trust each other’s crazier decisions.

This retro renovation is truly a remarkable transformation and one that we hope will speak to the future humans who live their lives here. Cheers to you- whoever you are. 

And lastly, here’s to Lancaster- a community we treasure from the bottom of our hearts. We gift you with- a retro inspired home in a quaint neighborhood for those who love living out their big dreams in small spaces.


Renovated by The Chris & Claude Co.

Staged by The Chris & Claude Co.

Photographed by Shanna Midgley & Kinna Shaffer 

new dorwart street project