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This home really wasn’t very special. I remember the first day we walked through the house. There were brightly painted walls and loose newspaper and far too many walls for our liking. But that first walk-through gave us the inspiration we needed to begin dreaming.

Over the next few weeks Becca and I curated a mood board and sourced some materials and made the risky decision to go French Cottage on this little city home. Because of the low ceilings, we decided to steer away from the modern vibe into more of a cozy, cottage feel. We think it turned out lovely.

Throughout the following months, the guys knocked out walls, repainted, re-floored, tiled, installed exposed beams, installed windows, and completed a thousand other tasks that would create an endless run-on sentence if I were to list them here. Finally, April rolled around and Becca and I got serious with staging this little abode. We bought up some final statement pieces including that gorgeous gold rimmed mirror and the old, distressed island in the kitchen.

Staging day took this shell of a house and made it into a home. All the little details: the rumpled sheets, the open books, the candles and the messy kitchen counters contributed to making this space look lived in and loved on. Open House day was a smashing success- but to some people’s dismay, the home had already sold five days before.

The whole team showed up for Open House Day and welcomed over a hundred people to the little french cottage on Broad Street. Chris’s mom baked french bread in the oven which only added to the welcoming atmosphere. People bought furniture and pieces of decor. And the rain held off. So, that was a success.

Our favorite room was the tiny attic hideaway with it’s mountain of pillows, stacks of books and pure white backdrop. It was also Canon and Creed’s favorite, so that space was an all-around win. But really, the whole house found a place in our hearts and it was truly miserable to take the house apart on un-staging day.

However, we know it will live happily ever after and so will its new homeowners.

Picture credits go to the lovely Kinna Shaffer and Char Co. Ya’ll rock!


Renovated by The Chris & Claude Co.

Photographed by Char-Co. & Kinna Shaffer