step by step

Build a house process

the four simple steps

Hailey + Jeremie


source items and materials

Now that the design direction is final, we get to work finding all things…seriously all the things. From lighting, to flooring, to that little drawer pull or door hinge. Using the design direction as our guide we spend time finding the right materials to pull the project together.

Hailey + Jeremie

STEP two

begin Construction

Once we have all the materials – it is time to build. Depending upon your goals and our expertise – we will get in there on the ground floor ourselves, or work with experts in their field to bring the project to life.

Hailey + Jeremie

STEP three

communication and final walkthroughs

Throughout the duration of the project we will keep in contact and update you on all that needs updating. Once the project is finished, we will walkthrough the space with you to get the official OK.

Hailey + Jeremie

STEP four

enjoy your new space

You did it! It is time to enjoy your new space, throw a party, post all the photos and tell the world!


– Said every realtor… So, we said it too.

We love what we do.

We will walk you through it – and answer your questions as we go.

We are in this together.

Are you ready?

ready to begin?