november 19, 2018

California has always been a place of inspiration for us. “Always” meaning ever since our first trip during our honeymoon.
We traveled up Highway One – being blown away by The Big Sur, San Fransisco’s crazy steep hills & just how different everything was from the East Coast.
Since that time 5 years ago, Chris’ brother Benji & his family moved to Los Angeles as church planters – My brother David moved South of LA to a Circuit Rider Base and my other brother James frequents the coastline in his VW Van.
Needless to say, we have begun traveling out more frequently because of all the awesome family we have living there.
This trip was split up between camping in Joshua Tree with a crazy amount of kiddos & high gusts of wind but just the right amount of inspiration – a family trip to San Diego which was just about perfect as well & a few days back in LA to end it with a crazy amount of kiddos once more. Between Benji & Maria & Chris & I we have 8 kiddos – so yes, it’s an adventure.
Don’t have many words b/c pictures are where it’s at but we are back home & grateful for time away that gave us time to talk through things happening at home & come home re-inspired to keep charging forward.
sincerely, Claude
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Special thanks to our friend Christopher Witmer who allowed us to use his VW van to travel around in and feel extra fresh @petethevanagon

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